Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller; One of the Finest Tattoo Artists in Salt Lake City, Utah. Specializing in large full body tattooing, including, Award Winning Portraits and Cover-ups. Asian motif designs, from Dragons to Koi, Cherry blossoms to Buddha. Bikers to Babes, guts to glory. I Understands the Art of Outlaws and your In-laws, from the Saints and the Sinners. I Enjoy doing both Full Body Suits and Fine Cosmetics, I’ll work a 5 minute sitting, or an all day event, what ever it takes. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments preferred, Open every day. Come in an take a look at our portfolios and talk to the Cliental being tattooed. We’re very friendly, everyone’s welcome.
Custom Tattooing and helping other Tattooers understand the possibilities in tattooing is what drives me to open the shop every day. If you are tattoo Collector or a Professional Colleague call me, stop by and see me, or send me an e-mail, I'll talk to you any time.
Free design and drawing time, Free confidential consultations.
Complete privacy or complete publicity, your choice is still my policy.

It will be an Honor to Tattoo You, hope to see you soon.
Kelly Miller

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Contact Information

  Address 1362 S. State Street Suite 160  
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115  
  Phone 801-467-8282  
  Email kelly@smarttattoo.com  
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Tips and Advice

Covering a Tattoo

   The covering up of an unwanted tattoo, is an artistic technique unique to the Art of tattooing. No other art form has a need for the “covering-up” of unwanted art work.

   Covering-up unwanted tattoos is very diffcult, and only experienced tattooers that have very high quality art skills should be doing the cover-up work.

   If you are having an unwanted design covered with a new design, and the tattooer is not drawing the design “freehand” the design will probably not work very well and the old design will still be visible in some areas, or, completely blacked out in other areas. The blacking-out of unwanted tattoos is not what should be happening. Ugly tattoos can get much worse, and probably will if an unskilled tattooer attempts the cover-up.

   The Artists at Susie M’s is very dedicated to helping our Clients wear the tattoo designs that reflect themselves, even when the present art work is no longer desired and needs to be removed or covered-up. We are a group of highly skilled and experienced artists that have worked very hard to develop the skills and talent needed to cover-up almost any unwanted design you may be wearing. Even tattoos that can not be covered-up with a new design can be altered to change the design to a more acceptable tattoo. That is, if a skilled tattoo Artist does the work.

   Several Artist at Susie M’s has been recognized by Tattoo Associations, Conventions and other professional Tattooers from around the world as world class tattoo artists. Including being recognized as Best Cover-up Artists at many of these international events.

   The Covering-up of unwanted Tattoos is not our only Speciality, but our “cover-up” skills are one specialty that we are very proud of, and very good at.

   You have a limited opportunity to have a successful cover-up. We understand that. If you take your time to nd the right tattooer and the right design for the job you can have a very nice tattoo for the rest of your life, that is not an obvious cover-up, but a great conversation piece you are proud to wear.